Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Once a judgment for condominium arrears is entered and various post judgment enforcement remedies have proved unavailing to locate assets, i.e. there are no bank accounts in the debtor’s name and no employment information can be located, there is one more tool in the toolbox!

New Jersey Court Rule 4:59 - 1 (d) (1) permits a judgment creditor to file a motion for an order to sell real property where the judgment debtor's assets are insufficient or cannot be located. The Appellate Division recently reversed an order denying such relief where the lower court held that notice to the mortgagee was a prerequisite. The relevant consideration under the rule is whether the judgment creditor made reasonable efforts to locate personal property. If you have an unsatisfied judgment, this remedy may be available as an alternative to a lien foreclosure. This strategy has been effective to bring delinquent condominium owners to the table when no bank accounts or employment can be located.

Submitted by :  Angela M. Morisco, Esq.


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