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  • 5 Essential Do’s and Don’ts of Great Board Members

    Do . . . 5.  Create realistic budgets that fund all necessary operating expenses and reserves. Many board members take great pride in never raising assessments. This is a great practice if there is an ability to reduce certain costs – say insurance premiums.  But......

  • Is Your Neighbor Really A Nuisance?

    We often see complaints from community associations regarding smoking, cooking smells or noise emanating from one unit to another. This leads to the question: what, if anything, can the association do? While many communities have restrictions in the governing documents prohibiting acts which may be......

  • Fear Not the Dreaded Legal Fees: Part Two

    Very often boards of condominiums and other community associations hesitate to engage in litigation against unit owners who fail to pay common expense assessments due to fear of  the legal expense. In addressing this concern, I often advise boards that likely if you do nothing, you......


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